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Hepoluz, S.L. is a lively and dynamic company, expert at electricity, hardware, DIY, gardening and plumbing sectors. As time went by, our company has proved its important position in the Spanish business environment. Our success is based on giving a serious and efficient service in every moment by offering the best value for money.

Our warranty is our customer portfolio. We have more than 4,000 clients among small business, big shopping centers, cooperatives and purchase groups.

We have more than 300 suppliers, all of them of different nationalities. Besides, we have an office in Shanghai to arrange imports directly from there.

Participación en fábrica de lámparas de LED en Shangai.

We have the exclusiveness for distributing different European brands.

Our catalogue is dynamic and has more than 5,000 references.

We have four brandnames according to the type of product you are looking for. So electricity, tools, gardening and plumbing acquire their own identity.

We have ability and flexibility for fulfilling the requirements of our customer’s orders.

We have specific machinery for making blisters, shrink wrapping, bags and labels.


We are aware that the key to our success is our team of workers. That is why we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Hepoluz by rewarding to our commercial team. The place choosen for this celebration was Meliá Alicante Hotel. It was there where our seller Mr. Emilio Gelardo was given an Audi A4 for present, because he managed to sell more than 600,000 € in a year.
Among other reasons, this event helped us to analyze the good moment of our company and the continuous development we undergo year after year.

2005 / HEPOLUZ

HEPOLUZ has the opportunity of collaborating with Vicente Ferrer Foundation by being godparents to children in India.


All the corporation team together celebrated the beginning of a new time for Hepoluz. We inaugurated the new facilities and we are very proud of the achieved results. We share this celebration with guests related with our business by offering an alive demonstration of our new machinery for our warehouse and afterwards we invite them to a catering.

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Since the beginning of our history, we have exhibited at the main fairs of our sectors e.g. Matelec, Construmat or Ferroforma with the effort for reaching our potential customers and giving to them a personalized attention in every moment.

We have taken part in different events organized by our own customers such us the Cooperative Coferdroza.

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According to our philosophy based on the unity and the companionship, we usually organize an event every summer. In these meetings, we review the current business situation apart from encouraging a good working environment.

[2002]- Meeting in Hotel Meliá (Alicante Harbor)

[2007] – Meeting in a Mediterranean cruise

[2011] – Reunión instalaciones Hepoluz

[2014] – Reunión restaurante Ereta

[2016] – Reunión Jardines de Abril

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