Hepoluz has large facilities and a completely automated warehouse to develop its business activity.

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  • Characteristics:
  • - Total area of Hepoluz facilities: 4,000 sqm.
  • - Total area of offices, warehouse and company reception in the ground floor: 400 sqm.
  • - Total area of warehouse: 2,600 sqm.
  • - Total area of offices, exhibition and meeting room in first floor: 850 sqm.
  • - Parking area: 1,000 sqm.

Hepoluz has an automatic warehouse divided in 3 stacker cranes: two for pallets and one for semi-pallets. It has a total area of 1,000 sqm and it is 23m high. It can hold up to 5,000 pallets and 5,000 semi-pallets which allow us to store up to 15,000 references. It is supported by a radio frequency system for the guidance of goods movement processes. It has 1,400 sqm of conventional warehouse which can handle about 1,500 pallets. Apart from that, it has its own machinery for making blisters, shrink wrapping, bags and labels.